Whitepaper – How to create compelling Conversational AI

5/5 (1)

5/5 (1)

To help companies avoid some of the more common pitfalls and understand how they can implement successful Conversational AI projects, Ecosystm and Datacom commissioned a new whitepaper that identifies the critical steps in designing effective solutions to serve customers and agents.

The whitepaper shares insights into CX leaders’ priorities and goals for AI and machine learning solutions in the ANZ region, defines the different AI options for CX from basic to advanced, and outlines eight key considerations for companies selecting a Conversational AI solution.

“How to get your Conversational AI project right” also details the key rules companies need to take to ensure they are designing effective Conversational AI solutions:

  1. Define how it fits within your organisational priorities.
  2. Listen closely to the conversations between agents and customers.
  3. Build in-depth dialogue.
  4. Create a rigorous testing process.
  5. Ensure a seamless transfer to agents and other channels at the right time.
  6. Integrate your knowledge solutions within Conversational AI.
  7. Work with design experts.
  8. Find the right AI partner.

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