Amit Gupta passes the baton to Ullrich Loeffler as CEO of Ecosystm

Steps into the role of Chairman, building towards the next frontier for the group

31 March 2022, SINGAPORE: Ecosystm, the disruptive technology research and advisory company, today announced the transition of Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Ullrich Loeffler to the role of Chief Executive Officer. As the group continues its ambitious innovation strategy, Amit Gupta will step into the role of Founder and Chairman.

Ecosystm has seen exponential growth since the company launched in 2018 and has been challenging traditional technology research firms since its inception. Continuing to expand beyond the Asia Pacific region, and following a strong entry into EMEA in 2021, the company has set its sights on North America to become a truly global business. With an enviable list of over 125 of the world’s leading tech and digital enterprise brands as customers, Ecosystm continues to strengthen its global Top 10 position by focusing on customer success to become a market leader.

Earlier in the year, Ecosystm unveiled its independent spin-off venture ‘Kampd’, the world’s first B2B content and communities platform. In addition to his role as Chairman of Ecosystm, outgoing Ecosystm CEO Gupta will assume the role of CEO at Kampd to scale this exciting new venture.

Commenting on the announcement, Gupta says, “I’m enormously proud of everything that Ecosystm has achieved since Ulli and I founded the company in 2018. It has been a journey that has inspired each of us at Team Ecosystm collectively as we solve our customer’s pain points every day. I could not be more pleased to see Ulli take over the reins of the business and I am looking forward to enjoying his stellar success from the sidelines as his biggest cheerleader.

I am equally excited about the opportunity to build and scale our new Web3 venture, ‘Kampd’ that solves the B2B content and engagement challenge faced by enterprises, creators and professionals in this era of the knowledge economy.”

Loeffler adds, “My wholehearted thanks to Amit for his leadership and guidance over the years and for entrusting me with the next phase of growth for Ecosystm. It has been a journey we have thoroughly enjoyed together, and I look forward to leading the team through the next growth trajectory. Having achieved profitability at this early stage in our journey, my focus is on building scale and further bolstering our team with strategic new leadership hires over the next few months. Maintaining our culture of courage will remain a key priority to fulfil the team’s desire to continuously innovate and introduce research, content, and engagement solutions that align to our customers’ requirements.”

Ullrich Loeffler and Amit Gupta will assume their new roles with effect from April 1, 2022; and will continue to work in synergy to drive Ecosystm’s vision of democratising research, insights, and content.


About Ecosystm

Ecosystm is the leading Technology Research and Advisory Platform that has revolutionised the industry by bringing together tech buyers, vendors, and analysts into one integrated platform. The platform moves away from the highly inefficient business models of traditional research firms and instead focuses on data democratisation, with an emphasis on providing users with meaningful, contextualised and customised research and insights.

With technology the number one differentiator in the digital economy, Ecosystm enables enterprises to harness the power of market data to make informed decisions. Coupled with real-time data at the core, our market-leading analysts bring deep technology and industry vertical expertise that helps drive growth journeys of our clients.

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About Kampd

Kampd is an open B2B Content and Community platform that empowers Enterprises, Creators and Users with the freedom to create, curate, and engage with content in a mutually purposeful way. As a Web3 platform, our mission is to amplify knowledge and build on the B2B creator economy.

Serving the leading enterprise brands globally, it allows marketing leaders to optimise their budgets, improve ROI and shelf-life of their content by driving sustained engagements that build brand amplification and thought leadership. In doing so, we provide users with a seamless personalised experience to consume, create, curate, and engage with business content within communities of like-minded professionals.

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