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Leaders Roundtable: Unlocking Innovation and Business Transformation – Practical Use cases for Industry 4.0

In today’s rapidly evolving economy, the only way to stay ahead of the curve is to innovate constantly and at scale.

We cordially invite you to a thought-provoking lunch roundtable where you’ll engage in a focused discussion with your peers about how organisations are driving transformation to business and operations through an Industry 4.0 approach.

IoT, edge computing, and a convergence of IT and operational technology (OT) allow companies across all industries to create smart operations that enable more sophisticated, more efficient, and more secure ways of working, creating new products, and generating new routes to market.

However, existing network and infrastructure solutions may not support these new data-driven business models effectively. In an interconnected, always-on world, it is a constant challenge to navigate the network to ensure data security, privacy, resiliency, continuity, and compliance while embracing these new business models.

How modern connectivity is transforming industries:

  • Smart Manufacturing: Autonomous robots, machines, and sensors for process automation, remote asset management, and predictive maintenance.
  • Smart Estate: The use of intelligent sensors and connected devices that can monitor and control energy consumption and facility utilisation in real-time; reduce waste and lower energy costs and more importantly bringing employee safety.
  • Smart Transport: Enabling connected and autonomous vehicles to communicate with each other and with traffic management systems in real-time, to reduce accidents, traffic congestion, and fuel consumption.
  • Healthcare: Remote patient monitoring – within and outside the walls of a healthcare organisation – to reduce clinician workload, optimise resources, and improve patient outcomes.

At this Leaders Roundtable, we will hear from leaders from large corporates about:

  • Enabling emerging technologies and their impact on business transformation.
  • Use cases and success stories. Learn how organisations across industries are driving innovation and transforming their operations.
  • Overcoming challenges and the implementation strategies. Discuss the practical considerations and best practices..
  • Scalability and futureproofing. Moving from successful proofs of concept into scalable and repeatable implementations.

We look forward to your participation and hearing your valuable insights on shaping the future of business innovation in the Philippines.

Grand Hyatt Manila
8th Avenue, Corner 35th St, Taguig, 1634 Metro
Manila, Philippines Philippines
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Ullrich Loeffler
Wilson Go
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Kyndryl Philippines


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