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Ecosystm’s real-time research tracks evolving trends and our insights show that Public Sector leaders in Singapore are being driven to collaborate across multiple agencies, empower a vibrant digital economy, enable an orchestration of digital citizen services, and foster innovation.

This is the time to reshape your data strategy to allow the interconnect and flow of real-time data, to enable Singapore to reach its Smart Nation goals. As citizens, businesses and government organisations generate and consume data more than ever before, there is also a greater need to build trust in that data – that trust will come with easy access to secure data.

Based on Ecosystm research, we have identified several challenges to allow this data interplay:

  • 63% of Government IT leaders are concerned about data privacy and access
  • 57% find integration of newer technology with existing systems a challenge
  • While 50% focus on improving citizen experience, 60% prioritise compliance with regulations

Our research gets richer through interaction with thought leaders like you, and in this session we invite you to share your perspectives with your peers to discuss:

  • Data as the fuel empowering Singaporean businesses to innovate and to create new opportunities.
  • How a data-driven strategy is key to remaining competitive and more productive
  • The need for regulation around the collection, use and storage of data, to ensure that global businesses remain confident in Singapore as a place to invest
  • The need for digital infrastructure which enables the instant sharing of rapidly growing volumes of data, to achieve Singapore’s Smart Nation vision
Virtual Roundtable
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Andrew Milroy
Principal Advisor,
Randeep Sudan
Former Head, Digital Development Unit,
World Bank
Don Wiggins
Chief Global Solution Architech,
Equinix Government Solutions
Tejaswini Tilak
Senior Director, Segment Marketing,
Equinix Asia-Pacific


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