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SFF-2020 Ecosystm Global Founders Roundtable Resilience Building through Resilience in the post-COVID-19 World

Entrepreneurship is said to be a very exciting yet lonely journey, where entrepreneurs have to be tough skinned to deal with practical challenges on a daily basis.

COVID-19 has hit some entrepreneurs particularly hard as businesses in certain industries ground to a halt or substantially decreased. Equally, investors play a key role in the success of entrepreneurs and start-ups. The session will discuss specific challenges entrepreneurs were faced with this year, as they share their stories of resilience and courage in a year that has brought so much uncertainty, and how they are shaping the future of tech.

Discover steps that can help not just entrepreneurs and business leaders can take to create a positive mindset in order to be able to recover and lead with empathy.

Join these trailblazing founders & entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and an inspirational bestselling author on leadership. Puneet Pushkarna, Margie Warrell, Carla Vanderhoof, Suresh V Shankar, Sindhu Joseph, Kelvin Teo, Navin Suri, Vish Mishra and Amit Gupta share their stories of resilience and courage in a year that has brought so much uncertainty, and how they are shaping the future of tech.

They will discuss challenges faced this year and steps that can help create a positive mindset in order to be able to recover and lead with empathy.

Singapore FinTech Festival will bring together global leaders who will present world-class content 24 hours a day for five days.






Virtual Roundtable
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Amit Gupta (Moderator)
Chief Executive Officer and Founder,
Puneet Pushkarna
Co-Founder and General Partner , Solmark
Margie Warrell
Best-selling Author, Media Commentator and Founder , Global Courage
Carla Vanderhoof
Chief Design Officer , addapptation
Suresh Shankar
Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Crayon Data
Dr Sindhu Joseph
Founder and Chief Executive Officer , CogniCor Technologies Inc.
Kelvin Teo
Co-Founder and Group Chief Executive Officer , Funding Societies
Vish Mishra
Venture Director , Clearstone Venture Partners
Navin Suri
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder , Percipient


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