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Between the global health crisis, the associated impact to the economy and the need to find new ways of working remotely, 2020 has delivered no shortage of challenges for security operations. Cyberattacks offer no relief, increasing to the point where the federal government has made public announcements demanding vigilance from private and public sector organisations alike.

we look at the impact the experiences of 2020 have had on security operations:

  • How has access to talent been impacted?
  • How has the threat landscape and volume of attacks changed?
  • How are organisations managing the increased attacks, increased use of technology (particularly cloud) and remote working environments?
  • How can inefficiencies be identified, and investment focus shifted?
  • Will investment in automation and new technologies become a ‘must have’?
  • How to balance potential financial constraints with an increased risk landscape

Join us for a virtual roundtable to explore a reflective look at the lessons from 2020 for security operations, and what it means for the future.






Virtual Roundtable
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Alex Woerndle (Host)
Principal Advisor, Cybersecurity,
Chris Morales
Principal Consultant, Advisory Services,


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