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Public Cloud, Agile Development & Security – Can you only pick two?

Your organisation is generating data like never before, creating a requirement – or at least an expectation – that this asset will be leveraged for operational and product innovation.

This innovation and transformation is achieved through tapping into data wherever, whenever and however you need it. But moving data between teams, and across various applications and cloud environments, is a challenge that most organisations are struggling with.

When every company is a data company, how can organisations combine public cloud, agile development and data security successfully?

Discussion points include:

  • Does the “unattainable triangle” (quality, speed, price) also apply to data (security, agility, cloud)?
  • Challenges associated with blending the processes around digital and service innovation, agile development and security
  • How the increase in the public and hybrid cloud is impacting your ability to be secure and compliant
  • How are companies using data in new and exciting ways for competitive advantage? From poultry producers reducing wastage in butchering, through to mining companies looking to maximise blast results.





Eureka 89,
Eureka Tower, 7 Riverside Quay, Melbourne Australia
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Alex Woerndle
Principal Advisor,
Cyber Security – Risk & Governance


Delphix’s mission is to empower businesses to accelerate innovation through data. In a world where every company is becoming a data company, the Delphix DataOps Platform gives teams self-service access to secure data environments to fuel application development and analytics while minimizing data risk.