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Leaders Roundtable: The Need for a Collaborative Healthcare Strategy: Why you must focus on ease and efficiency

Healthcare has emerged as a transformed industry through all the crisis over the last few years.

It has seen rapid tech adoption, shifts in business processes and changes in the mindset of the clinicians, administrative staff, and patients.

The most overwhelming impact on the industry has been the widespread acceptance of virtual care/ telehealth. In Australia, between March 2020 and February 2022, nearly 96 million telehealth services were delivered to almost 17 million patients; and more than 91,000 clinicians used telehealth services, according to the Australian Digital Health Agency. With virtual care increasingly becoming mainstream the healthcare system is on the verge of realising the benefits of a collaborative healthcare model.

Collaborative Healthcare Helps Providers Achieve their key objectives

Have you as a healthcare business or as a clinician adopted virtual care? What are the challenges that you continue to face when delivering care remotely? How can you improve patient experience when delivering healthcare using a hybrid model – in-person consultations supplemented by virtual visits?

Join us and your industry peers for this Executive Leaders discussion where we will discuss the biggest challenges facing healthcare delivery today; how patient and employee expectations are shaping the future of healthcare; and the need to keep virtual visits simple and seamless.

The Meat & Wine Co Barangaroo
Ground Level - International Tower One, 100 Barangaroo Ave
Barangaroo NSW, New South Wales 2000 Australia
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