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Leaders Roundtable: From Risk to Resilience: Intelligent Strategies for Today’s Interconnected World

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity have proven consistently inadequate in safeguarding sensitive data and digital assets in today’s data-first organisations.

The proliferation of interconnected devices has opened new avenues for cyberattacks, putting our organisations at greater risk of financial and reputational loss.

Cybersecurity leaders, like yourself, recognise that cyber strategies need to be intelligent, adaptive, and forward-thinking. Despite the urgency, there are challenges to building cyber-resilient organisations.

Ecosystm research finds that in Singapore:

  • 78% of technology leaders feel that their organisations do not have the right governance and risk policy
  • Insider misuse (51%) is considered a bigger threat than phishing attacks (49%)
  • 78% are concerned about the proliferation of end-points and network access

I invite you to join this dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences, where the discussion will focus on:

  • The importance of a risk and management strategy that protects your organisation before, during, and after a breach
  • Best Practices to mitigate the challenges of tools proliferation to give cyber leaders easier visibility of all their cyber assets
  • How cyber leaders have to become storytellers for greater executive buy-in and organisational compliance

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers on how they are negotiating the challenges of protecting their organisations. Please click here to RSVP and secure your space as seats are limited.

Artemis Grill & Sky Bar,
138 Market St, #40-01 CapitaGreen, Singapore Venue Directions
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Sash Mukherjee
VP Content and Principal Analyst


Forescout Technologies, Inc., a global cybersecurity leader, continuously identifies, protects and helps ensure the compliance of all managed and unmanaged cyber assets – IT, IoT, IoMT and OT. For more than 20 years, Fortune 100 organizations and government agencies have trusted Forescout to provide vendor-agnostic, automated cybersecurity at scale.

The Forescout Platform delivers comprehensive capabilities for network security, risk and exposure management, and extended detection and response. With seamless context sharing and workflow orchestration via ecosystem partners, it enables customers to more effectively manage cyber risk and mitigate threats.