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Leaders Roundtable: Enhancing Customer and Employee Experience through AI: Strategies for Success

It is a common belief that happy employees lead to happy customers!

Despite the growth of digital channels, the human touch remains important. Agents have an immense role to play in salvaging unhappy customer relationships, converting prospects to customers, and upselling to existing customers. But as customers define the experience they expect from a brand, there is significant pressure on agents. How do organisations maintain the fine balance between wanting the best-in-class customer and employee experience?

AI has emerged as the answer to this business challenge – it can play a significant role in automating customer responses and reducing call volumes and agent workload. It can also improve agent productivity and efficiency. Smart businesses are using AI to assist agents during and after the call using NLP to understand caller intent, conducting sentiment analysis during and after an engagement, and automating post-call follow-up steps. The challenge is finding a tested and proven method that can quickly deliver the results that customers and businesses demand.

Ecosystm research shows that in contact centres in Australia:

  • 54% consider self-service a key step to improving customer experience – yet only 20% of them are incorporating AI into self-service channels.
  • 72% feel that conversational AI can free agents for more critical tasks, while 66% feel that the data from the solution can be used for better sentiment analysis.
  • 72% are concerned about customer uptake of conversational AI – this is primarily because 68% feel their solution may not be up to the mark.

Join us and your industry peers for this Executive Leaders session, where we will discuss:

  • How businesses are saving money while improving the customer AND agent experience
  • What a good AI-enhanced customer experience looks like
  • Ways to simplify the change that will become inevitable with the adoption of AI
  • Where industry leaders are starting their AI-led customer experience journeys

This will be a great forum for you to share your experiences in implementing automation and AI in customer journeys and hear from your peers on how they are improving agent productivity in this challenging and unpredictable economic environment.

Botswana Butchery
66 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
Melbourne VIC 3000, Singapore 3000 Australia
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Tim Sheedy
Principal Advisor


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