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Leaders Roundtable:A Unified Approach to Employee Productivity and Cybersecurity Risk Management

Building a synergy between Cybersecurity and ITOps

Australian organisations are adapting to new ways of work – whether it is formalised hybrid work practices, reimagined office environments, or new connectivity and communications strategies for employees across different locations and offices.

This can sometimes lead to conflict within the technology teams – while infrastructure and applications teams have the mandate of maintaining employee productivity, cybersecurity teams face the critical task of safeguarding both employees and the organisation.

Employees needs security solutions that are not only effective but also effortlessly integrated into their daily routines, eliminating the temptation to seek workarounds – this means empowering them with seamless and simple security solutions.

To strike the right balance, cybersecurity and IT teams should assess new policies and technologies with a focus on the Digital Employee Experience (DEX). They need to consider whether the end-user experience might unintentionally encourage workarounds or risky behaviours for the sake of convenience and, if so, whether that risk is justifiable.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into the latest trends and best practices on secure DEX. Join Ecosystm and your peers from the IT and cybersecurity teams in this exclusive executive roundtable discussion.

Here’s a preview of the discussion:

  • CISO-CIO Collaboration. Learn about effective collaboration between top IT leaders to enhance security and operational excellence.
  • Balancing Security & User Experience. Explore strategies to maintain robust cybersecurity without compromising the digital employee experience.
  • Future-Proofing. Discover the importance of adaptability in IT operations and security to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving tech landscape.

Join us for an insightful discussion on these critical topics and gain a deeper understanding of how collaborative strategies and forward-thinking approaches can shape the future of cybersecurity and IT operations.

Traditional approaches to cybersecurity have proven consistently inadequate in safeguarding sensitive data and digital assets in today’s data-first organisations.

The proliferation of interconnected devices has opened new avenues for cyberattacks, putting our organisations at greater risk of financial and reputational loss.

Cybersecurity leaders, like yourself, recognise that cyber strategies need to be intelligent, adaptive, and forward-thinking. Despite the urgency, there are challenges to building cyber-resilient organisations.

Ecosystm research finds that in Singapore:

  • 78% of technology leaders feel that their organisations do not have the right governance and risk policy
  • Insider misuse (51%) is considered a bigger threat than phishing attacks (49%)
  • 78% are concerned about the proliferation of end-points and network access

We invite you to join this dynamic exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences, where the discussion will focus on:

  • The importance of a risk and management strategy that protects your organisation before, during, and after a breach
  • Best Practices to mitigate the challenges of tools proliferation to give cyber leaders easier visibility of all their cyber assets
  • How cyber leaders have to become storytellers for greater executive buy-in and organisational compliance

This is an excellent opportunity to learn from your peers on how they are negotiating the challenges of protecting their organisations.

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