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IBM TechWeek: Transforming IT Operations with AIOps

Technologies to automate IT systems and relieve over-stretched IT operations teams have been moving into the mainstream over the last few years.

Several factors, driven by the digital era, have made this necessary. Firstly, digital transformation is creating ever-larger IT environments and volumes of data that cannot be managed by manual processes. These distributed systems are also becoming more complex, incorporating IoT, mobile, multi-cloud, containers, and APIs. Moreover, for digital businesses, the financial impact of an outage makes time to resolution critical. Identifying and remediating issues before they affect the user is now paramount.

Ecosystm research shows that:

  • Only 7% in organisations in Southeast Asia state that their IT Team was prepared to handle the uncertainties last year.
  • 64% of organisations in the region had to re-evaluate their IT headcount and outsourcing plans.
  • 55% of organisations were forced to scale back IT operations and budget.

IT operations teams are being asked to do more with less and will need automation to bridge the gaps. AIOps allows IT operations teams to not only ensure observability of their systems and reduce noise but to also understand how events are interacting together to affect performance and take corrective action quickly. One of the greatest challenges that IT departments face today is scalability as digital businesses grow. AIOps can be a go-to tool for IT operations to ensure uptime and improve user experience.

Revolutionize IT Operations and management with AI
Join us at the “IBM TechWeek: Transforming IT Operations with AIOps” on 17th June at 10:00AM – 11.30am SGT to deep dive into how advanced research in AI is shaping AIOps developments and transforming how IT operates. Featuring hands-on demos, technical deep dives, research and product usecases, this event is an exclusive opportunity to interact with leading minds in IBM Research, and renowned CTOs from around the world!

Virtual Roundtable
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Ullrich Loeffler
Chief Operating Officer
Ruchir Puri
IBM Fellow; Chief Scientist,
IBM Research
Gargi B Dasgupta
IBM Research Indian and CRO, IBM India and South Asia
Richard Wilkins
Distinguished Engineer, AiOps Elite Team


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