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IBM TechWeek II: Protect Your Digital Enterprise Through A “Zero-Trust” Security Paradigm

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, where critical data and workloads are more distributed than ever, traditional perimeter-based security is no longer enough. Gone are the days when you could ring-fence your assets and implicitly trust everyone just because they are on the inside. Zero-Trust means no assumed trust – access to the critical data and intellectual property is risk-assessed and only granted based on need-to-know depending on context – what, when, by whom and why.

Research finds that in Southeast Asia:

  • $3.61M is the average cost of a data breach in the ASEAN region
  • 65% of organisations think that a data breach is inevitable
  • 62% of organisations are concerned about phishing and malware; and 54% are concerned about employees accessing corporate assets through public wi-fi
  • Despite the shift in the threat landscape, only 12% of organisations use ‘least privilege’ to manage access to sensitive data

*Ecosystm Research & 2021 IBM Cost of a data breach study 

Join this session to learn how you can apply this framework that helps build adaptive and continuous protection of valuable assets and supports proactive threat management.

On the 15th September, Ecosystm in partnership with IBM will conduct an executive masterclass specifically to address these issues. Join us at IBM TechWeek – Protect your digital enterprise through a “Zero-Trust” security paradigm where the IBM Security Command Center brings you ‘Inside the Mind of a Hacker’ for a demonstration of the types of techniques and tools hackers are using today, a look into the scope of current attacks, and a discussion around how to best protect yourself.

Designed for technology and digital leaders, the workshop covers in detail: 

  • How a Zero-Trust framework wraps security around each user, device and connection — every time
  • How a Zero-Trust framework helps build adaptive and continuous protection of valuable assets and supports proactive threat management
  • Zero-Trust use cases & strategy along your security journey

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Amit Gupta
Chief Executive Officer
Shaibal Saha
APAC Digital Trust Leader, IBM Asia Pacific
Hayley Cohen
Threat Gamification Engineer & Executive Security Advisor - IBM Security Command Center, IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software


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