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IBM TechWeek II: Powering your Digital Transformation with Application & Integration Modernisation

One of the least discussed and most often overlooked challenges in the push for Digital Transformation is application modernisation and integration.

Technologies such as cloud, AI, IoT, and initiatives to streamline information sharing are top of mind for business leaders. CIOs and IT teams are challenged by integrating these emerging technologies with existing systems and processes to fulfil the organisation’s goal of being more customer-centric.

Ecosystm Research finds that in Southeast Asia

  • 62% of organisations have improving customer experience and customer retention as their key business priority; and 47% will increase use of digital customer experience technologies in 2021-22
  • 52% of organisations are focused on driving an omnichannel strategy
  • 58% of organisations fail to drive a consistent customer experience because of a lack of integration between channels and platforms
  • 63% of organisations are focused on application modernisation as part of their Digital Transformation strategies

Application leaders often struggle to develop successful business cases for application modernisation, especially across multiple platforms. Organisations must find ways to tap data locked in application silos that are housed in proprietary architectures and connect these to the rest of the environment. That will enable them to deliver what customers want, when they want it, and through their channel of choice.

Power your Digital Transformation with a modern approach to application Integration
Join us at the “IBM TechWeek II: Powering your Digital Transformation with Application & Integration Modernisation” on the 21st September 2021 at 10:00AM – 11:30AM SGT, to see first-hand, how research in Integration and automation technologies is being applied to solve real-world application challenges. Featuring research and product use cases, hands-on demos, technical deep dives, as well as ROI assessments, this event is an exclusive opportunity to interact with leading minds in IBM Research, and renowned CTOs from around the world!

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Ullrich Loeffler
Chief Operating Officer
Jim Laredo
IBM Distinguished Engineer, Services and API Ecosystems,
IBM Research
Kalyan Madala
IBM Technology Sales


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