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IBM TechWeek II: Address today’s data challenges with an Intelligent Data Fabric

Data-driven insights spur organisation-wide innovation, uncover opportunities for new products or markets, empower Sales to have meaningful discussions, and identify internal processes that can be improved.

However, creating a data-driven digital organisation requires a seamless access to their data, irrespective of where they are generated (enterprise systems, edge devices or AI solutions) and where they are stored (Public Cloud, Edge, or data centres) to unlock the full value of the data. This is seeing a growth in popularity of the Hybrid Cloud model, to break down the barriers that exist between applications and across locations.

Ecosystm Research finds that in Southeast Asia

  • 77% of organisations have been forced to start or re-align their Digital Transformation journey after COVID-19 – real-time insights are key to Transformation
  • 73% of organisations face integration challenges when deploying AI solutions
  • 67% of organisations are evaluating a Hybrid Cloud model for better access to data insights

Previous attempts to connect and deliver data consisted of manually integrating open source and point solutions to build a data platform; however, managing multiple tools and solutions is complicated and cumbersome.

Organisations today can optimise data and AI investments using data, models, and resources from edge Hybrid Clouds. There is a need to simplify and automate AI lifecycles of organising data; building, running and managing models; and optimising decisions.

The problems most organisations face are not unique. In fact, it is a common consequence of data landscapes that have outgrown their data management architectures. Organisations can overcome these challenges with an architecture that can enable technologies such as automation and augmentation of integration, federated governance as well as activation of metadata, across a distributed landscape, creating a network of instantly available information to power a business.

On the 14th September, Ecosystm in partnership with IBM will conduct an executive masterclass specifically to address these issues. Join us at IBM TechWeek II: Address today’s data challenges with an Intelligent Data Fabric featuring use cases, demos, best practices and technology solutions, as well as ROI assessments that will help leaders and practitioners alike in making their best choices. Designed for technology and digital leaders, the workshop cover in detail:

  • Do organisations have the right data foundation for the business to improve customer experience?
  • How can organisations optimise data operations to increase efficiency and performance, reduce costs, turn data into real-time insights?
  • How do you show business value from AI investments?
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Ullrich Loeffler
Chief Operating Officer
Kitman Cheung
Chief Technology Officer,
IBM Data, AI and Automation - Asia Pacific
Anup Kumar
Technical Leader,
IBM Data and AI - Asia Pacific
John J Thomas
Distinguished Engineer and Chief Data Scientist,
IBM Data and AI
Sameep Mehta
IBM Distinguished Engineer, AI and Hybrid Data,
IBM Research


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