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Leaders Roundtable: Futureproofing Your Investments for a Digital Era

The as-a-service, consumption-based model has proven use cases in many facets of our daily lives – whether it’s cars we drive, our vacation accommodations, or even the offices we work in.

When it comes to technology, the as-a-service model offered by cloud infrastructure and solutions has already demonstrated its benefits. Organisations today want to pay for their compute and storage requirements as they use them, rather than invest in owning them.

However, businesses are discovering that public cloud is not the answer to every infrastructure need. The costs of moving data, the latency of edge services, sunk investments in local data centres, data residency requirements and the evolving capabilities of hybrid cloud management platforms have allowed businesses to reconsider their approach to cloud. Organisations that implement a hybrid cloud strategy enjoy the traditional benefits of cloud and are able to also integrate multiple applications and computing environments.

Ecosystm research finds that, in Singapore:

  • 53% of organisations want the flexibility of running individual workloads on the cloud environment of their choice
  • 56% of organisations are challenged by security concerns when shifting infrastructure to public cloud; 46% have application performance concerns
  • 70% of organisations choose a hybrid option to leverage existing data centre investments

We invite you to join me at our Leaders RoundTable where we will host a discussion on the role of your technology teams to enable new customer and employee experiences; and how an as-a-service approach to infrastructure procurement and management can have positive impact on your business, IT teams and financial performance.

Flutes Restaurant
National Museum of Singapore
Singapore, Singapore 178897 Singapore
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Sash Mukherjee
VP Content and Principal Analyst


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