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Leaders Roundtable: Balancing Information Access and Zero Trust in a Hybrid World

The challenge of providing a high quality, protected, experience in a world where new threats are appearing every day with little warning is immense.

The consequences of failing just once can devastate an organisation, with an increasing number of visible incidents in New Zealand.

But the nature of the environment is constantly evolving. The hybrid computing environment covering edge, on-premise and cloud computing resources, supported by a complex telecommunications infrastructure, is continually expanding.

Every organisation has many stakeholders needing access to information and services; customers, employees and suppliers. Time is often critical to each person’s experience in working with the organisation.

The shift to hybrid working, with many more people regularly working from home and an increase in the number of short-term employees, has made securing an organisation’s environment much more complex.

Join this Leaders RoundTable with a hand-picked group of senior technology and cyber-security executives to share and learn from our experiences and approaches to this “wicked” problem.

Together, let’s explore some of today’s biggest user experience challenges:

  • Managing access in a Zero Trust world to achieve a great user experience
  • Managing staff productivity and focusing on attack surface
  • Managing Risk & Compliance in a complex hybrid ecosystem
  • Architecting and delivering the complex technology required without breaking the bank
  • Maintaining a strong security posture with Multifactor Authentication
  • New threats that will challenge organisations in the future
White + Wong’s Viaduct
149 Quay Street Cnr Lower Hobson & Quay Street
Auckland, 1010 New Zealand
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Alan Hesketh
Principal Advisor,
Sai Ranjan
Regional Manager Cloud Protection & Licensing,


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