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Leaders Roundtable: Accelerate People First Culture to Empower Your Organisation’s Biggest Asset

The corporate challenge of managing skills shortages, employer of choice strategies, and flexible work programs have long existed.

Pandemic fast tracked the transformation of the organisation today in how they do business, engage with their customers, and deliver their products and services.

But perhaps the biggest change has been in how organisations have had evolve their employee strategies and practices. With opening up of the restrictions – the debate is raging on employee work practices, hybrid working, flexibility, wellness, great resignation quiet quitting and in some economies restructuring.

Employees are an organisation’s biggest asset. Given the changes and challenges that your employees have faced over the last two years, they have developed some strong work preferences. HR has the biggest role to play in shaping the employee experience your organisation provides – and it cannot achieve this without a close alliance with the Tech/Digital Team.

As workplaces become truly hybrid, there are significant challenges that CHROs face today:

  • Capturing the pulse of the organisation and establish the right corporate culture
  • Accelerating insight and engagement with employee considering generational differences and personal choices
  • Solving the “productivity conundrum” – allowing employees to be productive and bring their whole self to work irrespective of their location and synchronicity
  • Empowering managers to offer personalised employee experience to ensure employee retention, growth, and emotional well-being
  • Rebuilding the social capital after the uncertainties of the last two years

Join me and your industry peers for this Executive Leaders discussion on how HR teams can leverage technology to empower their biggest asset and promote their organisations as Employers of Choice.

EQ Kuala Lumpur
EQ, Equatorial Plaza, Jln Sultan Ismail,
Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur 50250 Malaysia
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