Re-Imagine Food Assurance – Leader’s Panel

There’s tremendous interest and demand from the agriculture industry worldwide about the opportunity that technology can offer for productivity, profitability and sustainability.

We recap some of the fantastic discussions brought to you by Ecosystm and Singapore FinTech Festival from “Re-Imagine the Digital Economy” sessions at Techweek NZ.

During this discussion, Jannat Maqbool moderates a conversation between Claudia Roessler, Andrew Cooke, Paul Ryan, Peter Wren-Hilton, Bradley Busetto and Amit Gupta.

  • Building ecosystems of government, industry and research to create standards and maximise the impact
  • Importance of data and technology when it comes to food safety
  • Working closely with farms and farmers to generate and supply data to feed into the supply chain
  • Challenges around implementing technology on the farm
  • How do we tackle the problem of global food wastage

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