Episode 8 – Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show – Hari V Krishnan

In Episode 8 of “Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show”, Amit Gupta, CEO Ecosystm speaks with Hari V Krishnan, CEO, PropertyGuru Group and Andrew Milroy, Principal Advisor, Ecosystm on the pivotal role technology will need to play in the recovery and evolution of the Real Estate sector.

In this session, Amit, Andrew and Hari discuss:

  • How a digital platform play can support an industry that has high touch but sporadic customer engagement to create meaningful and continuous engagement through the customer lifecycle
  • The significant role immersive technologies will play to support a richer customer experience accelerated by 5G rollouts
  • The need to embrace PropTech across the industry more than ever to drive cost efficiencies

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