Episode 17 – Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show – Virender Aggarwal

In Episode #17 of ‘Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show’, Ecosystm CEO Amit Gupta, and Principal Analyst, Tim Sheedy speak to Virender Aggarwal (VA), CEO, Ramco Systems about the innovation mindset.

Within weeks of the pandemic, Ramco Innovation Lab in Singapore launched an advanced ‘touchless’ attendance and workplace access system combined with facial recognition and thermal imaging to enable a seamless and real-time track & trace capability for the workforce.

We discuss VA’s personal leadership approach to innovation and his views on how the learnings from the current pandemic could become an opportunity for businesses to ‘pivot’ their business models and also ‘seize the moment’ to drive a more robust automation roadmap. We hear from Tim how ‘smart’ applications can become ‘out of the cloud,’ easy to implement solutions and how applications of the future will compare with what’s available today.


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