Episode 2 – Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show – The Expert Edition (Part-1)

In Episode Two of Ecosystm Engage: The Not So Daily Show,  Ecosystm CEO Amit Gupta speaks with a group of Ecosystm Principal Advisors and discusses:

How organisations are dealing with the current environment – There’s a lot of resilience and cohesiveness and Remote working is the new world order. The question now is how organisations are dealing with the challenges in terms of remote operations and people impact.

Impact on Industries and Sectors across the globe – While a lot of industries are challenged at the moment there are industries that are coping well.

So, how should organisations and business leaders respond to the unprecedented disruption caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Here we break down the impact on the basis of Analyst Insights:
The Expert Edition (part 1) presents analyst opinions and views on the impact of COVID-19 on organisations and post-crisis sectoral impact, responses and recommendations and involve –

  • Tim Sheedy, Ecosystm Principal Advisor (AI and Workplace of the future)
  • Audrey William, Ecosystm Principal Advisor (Contact centre industry)
  • Shamir Amanullah, Ecosystm Principal Advisor (Telecommunications Industry)
  • Nandini Navale, VP and General Counsel (Legal Industry)
  • Ullrich Loeffler, Ecosystm COO (Business Operations)
  • Sash Mukherjee, Ecosystm Principal Advisor (Healthcare Industry)

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