Ecosystm Podcast Episode 9 – Driving Digital Transformation in the Insurance Industry
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The insurance industry is one of the most competitive and faces multiple challenges. The adoption of emerging tech can accelerate the introduction of new products to the market, reduce operations costs and elevate policyholder experiences.

We take a deeper dive into the insurance sector and identify how ready is the insurance industry to transform.

Listen in as Ullrich Loeffler, CEO, Ecosystm; Gillian Vaughan, CEO, Pinnacle Life; and Rob Ellis, CEO and Co-Founder, Sentro discuss:

  • How the insurance providers can digitally transform while mastering agility in the digital economy
  • How insurers can intertwine people, process and technology to get the most out of it.
  • How to improve legacy systems, simplify products and services,  and reduce overheads throughout the insurance life cycle

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