eBook – Can Employee Experience be Seamless in a Global Organisation?

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To shed light on the evolving Employee Experience landscape, Ecosystm, in collaboration with partner Ramco, conducted a comprehensive ‘Future of Employee Experience’ study in January 2023, surveying 89 HR & Payroll leaders across Asia Pacific. The primary objective was to gain insights into the measures organizations are taking to enhance employee experience (EX) and to identify the gaps between intention and execution. The findings of this study form the backbone of an insightful eBook that explores best practices to support the payroll function and promote financial well-being.

With a renewed focus on employee experience and financial well-being, organizations can transform their workforce into a loyal and motivated community, unlocking the full potential of their human capital. As businesses adapt to this new paradigm, embracing AI and chatbot-driven payroll systems is not just an option but a strategic imperative to thrive in the ever-changing landscape of work. This eBook offers valuable insights and practical recommendations, guiding organizations towards becoming trailblazers in supporting their employees’ financial health and overall job satisfaction.

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The Ecosystm-Ramco Future of Employee Experience Study 2023.

eBook - Can Employee Experience be Seamless in a Global Organisation?

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